#SummerOfCode 2016

So #SummerOfCode 2016 got off to a very good start – a room full of busy and enthusiastic young people ready to create their own Apps.

They had all travelled to the independent Curzon Cinema in Clevedon with their laptops and tablets, expectant of a morning packed with different coding activities.

I was pleased to see how quickly the boys and girls learnt some basic JavaScript coding – then interact with their own apps on their tablets and phones. They also unilaterally chose to ‘work’ right through their ‘Haribo-breaks; maybe I should approach Haribo to sponsor the third #SummerOfCode next year?!

The event would have not been possible without the passionate and dedicated staff at the Curzon Clevedon Cinema who helped me put together the event – and our kind sponsor, Leslie Dark & Co.


Coding has to be fun

I was just listening to a Guardian Tech Weekly podcast where the discussion moved on to coding for children. With a new ICT school curriculum, teachers have a big task in their hands. There are many open source resources available that can help to support the new school curriculum, but the choice can be overwhelming for teachers. Continue reading “Coding has to be fun”