As well as coding clubs, Codingbug also delivers specialist workshops to schools across North Somerset. We also deliver workshops at North Somerset Libraries.

Just provide us with some basic details – including student numbers, school year(s), your favoured dates… and which workshop you are interested in.

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Wearable Tech workshop for secondary school students

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the workshops have been postponed. New dates will be announced in due course.

Soft circuits for wearable tech

This workshop is designed to inspire students in the world of wearable technology. The students will design and make a wearable product using E-Textiles, a combination of electronics and textiles.  The students will make a wearable item that they will design and make using electronic components, conductive thread and textiles. More information.

Other Workshops we offer…

Coding with the micro:bit

micro:bit workshops

Coding with the micro:bit using sensors. A great way to introduce the Internet of Things to your students. Suitable for primary and secondary school pupils.

Coding with Python

Learn the principles of computer programming with Python. The students learn how to create a chatbot and games using Python. Suitable for Year 6 and secondary school students.

Making Apps with JavaScript

JS App

Get the children started with text based coding and learn how to code Apps in JavaScript. Suitable for primary and secondary school students.

Learn to code with Scratch

The students learn the basics of computer programming with the Scratch block programming language. The students learn computational thinking to be able to design and program their own games. Tailored to primary and secondary school students.

Soft-circuits workshops (e-Textiles)

e-Textiles Projects

Introduce your students to the world of wearable technology. This is an introduction to e-Textiles. Students design and make a product that combines electronics and textiles. Suitable for primary and secondary school students.

Paper circuits

Robots that light up

Your students will learn how electricity works and will make their own electronic circuits to make electronic greeting cards. Suitable for primary and secondary school students.

Coding with robots

Coding with robots
The Codingbug robot

The children learn computational thinking by giving instructions to the Codingbug robot and making it move, dance, draw and sing. Suitable for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

Squishy Circuits

Invent, play and explore with electric play dough! This workshop is suitable for primary school children. Children learn the basics of electronic circuits in a safe and fun environment.

Coding with ScratchJr

Learning to code with ScratchJr

It is never too young to start coding. In this workshop, children learn computational thinking and create animated stories and games with ScratchJr. Suitable for children in Reception, Year1, Year 2 and Year 3.