Code, create and have fun.

    • Children at Coding club
  • In their words…

    “I like making my own games”

    “Once you create the script, it’s real fun to play”

    “You can do everything you want”

    “You can fiddle with stuff”

    “You can create your ideas”

    “I made a Whac-A-Mole game”

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    • Summer of Code 2019

      Our Summer of code 2019 is taking place at Viper Innovations in Portishead from Monday 29th – Friday 2nd August. More info and booking details.

  • Soft circuits workshops (E-textiles)

    Check out the projects page and book a workshop for your students.

    • Coding in your school

      If you would like to introduce a Coding Club in your school, here is a basic guide to the the courses that Codingbug can offer:

      Scratch Workshops -Tailored to Year 1 – Year 6

      Image made in ScratchScratch is a great programming environment and is a consistent favourite with the children. It is designed to help them understand the fundamentals of programming through creating games and interactive stories. I tailor the workshops to children according to their age group and like to push the boundaries of their creativity.

    • HTML Workshops Tailored to  Year 6 – Year 9

      HTML CodeStudents just need a browser and a text editor to start coding for the web. But to make things more exciting, we use online tools to help visualise the code. The students learn HTML and CSS to create their first website.

    • Programming with JavaScript -Tailored to Year 7 – Year 9

      Coding gameJavaScript is the language of the web. Students learn to code in JavaScript by playing a collaborative strategy game with their friends.

    • Programming with Python – Tailored to Year 6 – Year 9

      Python codeThis course is for children who have done a bit of coding before, and who are now ready to enter the world of text based programming. They learn to write their first programs, fix their first bugs, and generally get comfortable with the Python programming environment.

    • Making Apps with JavaScript – For Year 3 – Year 6

      StampyStudents learn to write their own apps and interact with them on a mobile device. They learn programming concepts by coding in JavaScript. Students learn some ‘debugging’ skills and why sharing and collaboration brings results!

    • Programming with the micro:bit – Tailored to Year 5 – Year 9

      BBC micro:bitThe BBC micro:bit is a piece of hardware which you can program using Scratch like coding blocks, python or JavaScript. Learn the basics of computer programming and control the micro:bit to interact with the outside world.

  • RaspberryPi Workshops

    RaspberryPiIf you have RaspberryPi’s in your classroom and want more ideas to work with. I run tailored workshops, where the children can use their coding skills and get creative with the RaspberryPi’s.