I founded Codingbug in early 2012 in North Somerset.

I set up the first coding club at the primary school my children attended. Since then, the club has expanded to other schools in the area and has attracted scores of young coders.

Codingbug offers hands-on coding sessions to primary school children and secondary school students.

Children have learned to program with Scratch, created their own mobile apps with JavaScript, made their own web pages, learn to code with the micro:bit and learned to program in Python.

If you would like to run an after school coding club at your school, please do get in touch.

Gicela 🙂

I’m also a web developer and an engineer. Read more about me.

What parents are saying…

“It’s fantastic that the children have the opportunity to learn in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The children are also encouraged to share their knowledge with each other. Thank you to Gicela for all her enthusiasm and encouragement over the years.”

“Thank you for teaching Henry how to code.  He has enjoyed your club more than any of the others he attends, and he always wants to show me what he has created in your sessions as soon as we get home. You have clearly inspired him!”

“I know that Ollie has thoroughly enjoyed his time with you over the years and gained so much interest in the subject. In fact he never stops talking about it (which drives his dad mad!).”

“Thanks for all the fab activities this year – hugely enjoyed.”

“Thank you for another great year of Coding Club! “

“My daughter is loving coding club”

“[My son] always looks forward to coming to your club, thank you for making interesting for him.”

“Thought you’d like to hear that my son says he wants to be a computer games designer when he grows up :)”

“My son would love to come back to Coding Club in September! He still loves it! We are very impressed with the game he created this week! “

“He really enjoys coding club, there is not much he sticks with but Coding Club is one he always wants to keep coming to.”

“Thank you – your lesson is the highlight of my son’s week. “

“Thank you, he absolutely loved coding club and had to come home and show us what he did.”

“[My son’s] school report has mentioned the learning from coding club has enabled him to help others in ICT lessons! So another thank you!”

“Thanks so much, he’s really inspired with what he’s getting to do. Just downloaded Scratch this evening at home, and planning to start playing on grandad’s Raspberry Pi soon too!”

“[My daughter] came out saying ‘that was amazing’ and this morning she has been on the website showing her little brother.   “

“We had to buy [my son] a laptop for Christmas so he could use scratch on the web. He comes home after club each week and recreates everything he has learnt. Last night he did a bat that was asking questions in a story! Was very clever. “

“This course was a great first opportunity for my children to watch, learn and do some fun basic coding.  It’s a great way to open children up to new experiences and maybe even a future pathway in a career or just fun. It was a relaxed morning for them at a level they could cope with and it kept them interested and entertained. “