Summer of Code ’15

I’m delighted to be running a week of free coding workshops for primary and secondary-age children in North Somerset this summer.

The week will kick off with an introduction to making interactive stories using ScratchJr. This is a perfect introduction to computational thinking for little ones. Check out some of the stories and games the children have made at after-school coding club.


On Day Two, I’m looking forward to seeing what the children create using the Scratch programming language. It’s always a fun session, where the children get to draw and create their own games; from re-creating minecraft to creative twists on Mario games.

By a young coder from Mary Elton School

On Day Three the children will learn about making apps with JavaScript, and testing them on a mobile device. This is a great introduction the JavaScript programming language and to understanding how apps are made.

Making apps

On Day Four, fans of the Flappy Bird game will get a chance to play the game and code their own versions.

Finally, on the Friday, secondary school children will get their chance to create and publish their own apps using the Stencyl programming environment.

All the #SummerOfCode workshops are being sponsored by Sparkol, in association with the Curzon Cinema in Clevedon.

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