Code Club for girls

Today is the last day of the school term and I’m very much looking forward to running a Code Club during half term.

I believe that primary-age children should be learning how to make things for the web and learn the principles of coding. They are so comfortable playing with their laptops and mobile devices – but mainly as consumers. It’s time they look at computers and their iPods in a different way. As devices they can manipulate and make them do things they want.

So my aim next week will be to encourage the children to remix the web, and show them that programming is for everyone.

Why only girls? Well, I have two daughters and when I think about my own journey as an electronics engineer and then as a web developer, I feel there is a lot to do to build up the numbers of female developers. But most importantly, whatever path the children might end up taking, digital literacy will be at the core of everything they are going to be doing. And we need to make sure our children are well prepared.

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