A lesson in HTML

We had our last HTML lesson of the term this week.

I think the children are ready for a break; they were a little more hyper than usual, but still, we got down to work and the children got to finish their web pages.

  • champ6 web page
  • HTML lessons
  • champ2 webpage
  • champ7 webpage
  • champ4 web page

We had a feHTML coding at schoolw expected issues with code – missing off brackets, missing semicolons, typos – in the CSS,  but I’d say this was a good thing, as it helped the children understand code.  Mozilla Thimble alerts you when there is a problem with your code, which is very helpful. We started our projects from scratch to allow the children to add their own HTML tags and CSS as we went along.  Thimble  also has a browser view where the children could preview their changes instantly. Great fun, especially when they were adding colour to their pages!

It wasn’t straightforward to find images from the web as Google images are filtered in school, but we managed it to finish off our pages.

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