Turtle graphics with Python Workshop

Unleash creative coders and get started with Python in this two hour interactive Turtle graphics with Python workshop. The first of a series of Python workshops for young children.

Introduce your child to the magic of Python Turtle Graphics, where they will learn to control their virtual turtle, creating drawings, patterns, and even algorithmic art.

This workshop is suitable for children aged 8 – 12 years old, who may have been coding with Scratch and are now ready for the next challenge.

The children will learn principles of the Python programming language.

Spaces are limited.

This workshop isn’t just about coding, the children:

  • apply logical thinking
  • problem solve skills
  • apply creativity
  • collaborate with others
Coding in Python for children

Next Date TBC

If you would like to be notified when this workshop is taking place, email info@codingbug.co.uk


The workshop will take place at Yatton Library
9:45am – 12:45pm

Yatton Library
48 High St,
Bristol BS49 4HJ


This course is delivered in person. You will need…

  • a laptop/desktop with audio and video
  • the latest version of Google Chrome
  • charging cables

Cost £60

  • 3-hour session
  • All materials provided