Open a project in Scratch from a USB stick

How to transfer a Scratch project from a USB stick to your computer:

usb-stickYou have been working on a Scratch project at school or Coding Club and now want to open the project you created on your personal computer.

You should have saved the project you want to open on a USB stick and have Scratch installed on your personal computer.

Then follow these steps…

  1. Insert the USB stick into the USB port in your computer
  2. Open the Scratch application on your computer
  3. Go to the top menu and click on File > Open
  4. Select the USB stick by clicking on the ‘USB drive’
  5. Select the name of the project you wish to open
  6. Select File > Save as and save the project to your local computer in ‘Documents’.
  7. Next time you want to open your project again. You can open it directly from your own computer in ‘Documents’.