E-textiles projects

Here are a handful of projects to give you an idea of workshops we can run in your school. If you are interested in a e-Textile workshop at your school, please get in touch.

The workshops cover the basics of electronic circuits and it is a great introduction to the world of wearable technology.

The workshops are tailored to suit students’ ages, interests and the curriculum.

See the finished projects that the students created at Learning College at Yatton Schools.

Read more about soft circuits, which are perfect for KS2 students.

Interactive bookmark

We created the cat bookmark for a workshop at Yatton School as part of their learning college activities. The cat lights up when its nose is pressed. The materials used for this projects are: a battery, a battery holder, LED’s, conductive thread, cotton tread and felt.

Smart mask

The mask has an LED which is controlled by the beads. When the beads touch, the LED turns on. If the mask is moved left and right, the light comes on and off giving a flash effect. Great mask to wear to a fancy dress party!


Perfect workshop for teenagers. Requires a small LED, a battery and some felt.