Soft circuits

Codingbug is now offering soft circuits workshops to local schools in North Somerset.
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Soft circuits use craft materials and basic electronics components (such as LED’s, switches, resistors, sensors and conductive thread) to turn ordinary crafts into something not just playful but interactive! This is also an opportunity to introduce students to the concept of wearable technology. This workshop bring together two passions of mine: electronics and ‘making’.

A prototype bug… with LED eyes.

We are surrounded by technology. Most of the time we just consume it; we grab our phones, watches, tablets and weave them into our daily routines. The only time we might think about how technology works is when it stops ‘working’. Then we immediately try to fix it; are the batteries working? ‘Let’s take them out and put in new ones!’ Sometimes the problem is easy to fix… other times it requires more thought and technical skill.

How can we ensure that our children do understand how technology works… and design and create the products of the future?

The same technology that we use on a daily basis is available for us to play with; all we need is to find the inspiration to start creating… ‘making’.

The Maker movement has grown over the last few years, creating a new wave of entrepreneurs that are producing useful 3D printed products, wearable technologies, robots, and so on. But how can we get children started down this road? I believe that we can spark a child’s curiosity by introducing them to soft circuits. With just a few cheap materials that children are already familiar with, combined with basic electronics, any child can turn ordinary things into an exciting creative product.

Please get in touch if you are interested in hosting a workshop at your school.

Example of a cat bookmark that lights up when you press the nose.

Cat bookmark


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