Code of conduct

In the interest of fostering an open & happy learning environment for all… 

Students are expected 

  •  To behave sensibly during our online coding sessions
  • To treat everyone with respect – your fellow coders and your teacher.

Respect each other 

  • Use welcoming and inclusive language 
  • Never shout, swear or call each other names
  • Respect other people’s’ work and opinions 

When using the online chat/video

  • Don’t send any personal information through the chat
  • Only the teacher can mute students
  • You can only present when requested to do so by the teacher

When using the internet  

  • No browsing other sites that are not related to your coding project.
  • Do not use photographs of people disrespectfully.
  • Do not include images of a violent nature.
  • Do not leave nasty comments on other people’s projects

Your teacher is responsible for 

  • Making sure you understand the standards of expected behaviour.
  • Taking appropriate action should anyone break the standard of behaviour.
    Enjoy coding and learning collaboratively!