3D Game Design for Kids

A series of interactive 3D Game Design workshops for aspiring young game designers.

This three hour workshop is designed to teach children how to create games and stories using a three dimensional environment. The children will learn how to design 3D objects, animate them and bring them to life with code.

The children will be able to play their games in Virtual Reality mode via a mobile phone or tablet.

The workshop is suitable for children aged 8 – 12 years old.

Spaces are limited.

The children will learn game development concepts using a 3D game engine. They will…

  • design 3D environments
  • create 3D objects
  • manipulate 3D objects by moving, resizing and rotating them
  • use the camera
  • animate 3D objects
  • use coding blocks to make the objects move
  • experiment with VR (Virtual Reality)
  • learn to think logically and solve problems
  • debug their game
  • collaborate with others
3D game Design for kids - Codingbug

Three workshops over three months where the children will have an opportunity to make a new game at each workshop. Your child is welcome to join all or any of the workshops. 

3D Game Design sessions:


The club takes place at Yatton Library on Saturdays from 9:45am – 12:45pm

Yatton Library
48 High St,
Bristol BS49 4HJ


This course is delivered in person. You will need…

  • For Laptops, your system needs to have at least 6 GB, and a quad core processor to be able to use the software smoothly.
  • Or a tablet with the latest iOS version.
  • You will need an up-to-date browser that supports WebGL. Most modern browsers have WebGL support.
  • The latest version of Google Chrome or Safari.
  • Charging cables

Cost £60/session

  • 3-hour session
  • Activity sheets