Terms of Service

Codingbug is an independent coding club provider in the UK. We provide coding lessons to students of primary and secondary school age.


Codingbug offers online and in person coding lessons to students on most days of the week. Once you have signed up, an email confirmation will follow with details for payment.

Payment needs to be made before the term starts.

When signing up to an online course, you will only receive the details necessary for the virtual classroom once payment has been received.

A coding lesson can only be taken on the day you signed up and at the times stipulated.

Moving and missing sessions

You can change to a different day or switch to an online lesson before the term starts and you need to have emailed the tutor and received confirmation of the move.

Lessons are not repeated for students who missed the session. For online lessons, materials are provided for students to catch up in their own time via the virtual classroom, if they wish. There are no catch up materials for in-Person coding lessons.

Cancellations & Refunds

You can cancel up to 3 working days before the start of a workshop or the term and receive a full refund. After this date, refunds can not be made, as work to set up the class would have already started. You may also be preventing another student from taking up a place.

If students have missed lessons, refunds cannot be made and can not be carried forward.

Should for any reason the school cancels the coding session, the lesson will be delivered online. There are no refunds it this case.